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Contact our office at (631)-382-0300 or Fill out our estate sale inquiry form below with all the information about your collection, and our experts will get back to you shortly with a consultation date and time that works for you.


 We advertise and promote your sale on the Collectibles Auction House website, our social media platforms, email lists, print advertising, and tag sale websites.

STEP 5:pricing

 All items are priced according to the fair market value. Our experts research everything to ensure the best possible price for all of your possessions.

STEP 7:the sale

Your home is secured and managed by our highly vetted staff. There will be a one-way entrance and exit. Our staff will be patrolling the house to ensure security. We only allow 10 to 15 people in the home at a time. All transactions take place in one area of your home. We pride ourselves on keeping the integrity of your home and providing a hassle- free transaction.


Our experts will come to your home, and evaluate the contents of the sale. We pride ourselves on making the entire process hassle free while helping your sale be profitable for you. If it is a sale that we are interested in there will be an electronic contract signed  which explains the terms & conditions of the sale and operation.


 We transform your home into a retail store, by displaying and organizing all of your items on the tables that we supply. The security of  your home is our top priority. We limit traffic, and block any personal areas inside of your home.

STEP 6:supplies & equipment

We supply all the equipment and personnel necessary to conduct sales, such as tables, clothes racks, pricing labels etc. We supply initial Start up monies and a cash register for conducting sales. Signs are also displayed to let people know the sale's location.

STEP 8:the close

We will keep you informed of the progress of your estate sale from set-up to clean-up. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed invoice including the breakdown of expenses, tax deduction records, and then a final payout of your sale proceeds according to the electronic contract signed after consultation.

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